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my new reaction pic to people talkin shit about taylor in front of me


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Day Thirteen: Your Theme/Life Song


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the artistic side of Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift - CMA performances through the years (2007-2013)

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There you’ll stand, ten feet tall. I will say, “I knew it all along.”

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'The Lucky One' is a song that I wrote while I was in Australia. It kind of talks about some of my fears throuh telling the stories of other people that I was inspired by, but more than their stories being told, I'm pretty much singing about what I'm scared of, in that song. Ending up, kind of, caught up in this whole thing, and lonely and feeling misunderstood and feeling like when people think you're lucky, that you're really not. It kind of express my greatest fear of having this not end up be fun anymore, having it end up being a scary place, and some people get there, some people end up there. It's a story song and it's something I'm really proud of because it kind goes to a place that I'm terrified of. 

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54/? Dresses - Music video, Mean