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I wouldn’t mind going to school if it was in new york

The lights are so bright but they never blind me.
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Welcome to New York

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Do I have to move to new york or what’s the secret formula to be this happy and not caring especially about boys? I need to know taylor??

Ripdite is on the radio and I think of taylors cover and ahh it’s awesome



cause i’m nacho princess

this ain’t a taco bell

i’m gonna find someone someday who might actually make nachos well

My bestie taylor swift just released her new smash hit ‘welcome to new york’ u better listen

Welcome to New York is #1 on iTunes and Taylor has 2 other songs in the top 6 spots!

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Scott Borchetta Bruschetta

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Taylor I love you so much thank you for making my day better




taylorswift my boyfriend loves you because you sung about dragons once

Oh god this is so cute.

Relationship goals.

It was out by mistake? Oh noo I feel so bad now *trying to erase it from brain* sorry Taylor


Reblog this if you haven’t met Taylor and you’re dying to.

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