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Marleen|18|Germany| I'm no one special, just another Wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with Taylor Swift.

She's beauty, she's grace, she's miss united states

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do you ever close a really important tab by accident and you just


cntrl+shift+t= reopens a tab you closed

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She liked the motherfuckers post hahaha



Taylor Swift in flowers

10 x 10 cm acrylic painting on canvas 

taylorswift inspired me a lot. As an aspiring artist, watching her make her art and achieving her wildest dreams, while having an amazing connection with her fans, helped me become more sure of what I want and gave me the needed confidence for it. So I am going to thank Taylor by having her as my muse for my upcoming art. 

I love your work so much.

taylorswift: Can someone please invent an app that tells me where I can get the food that I smell in the air? #newyork 

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So I got up at 5:30am and fell asleep at 2am. Now I’ll have a 11Hour trainride.


Just saw this, then immediately called my parents and asked them point blank if they kidnapped me from Avicii’s family in Sweden when I was a baby.
Of course they denied it.
They would.

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The song hallelujah always makes me cry but it also makes me think of Shrek???

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